Learn pole at home from top athletes

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The Steps to Learn Pole


Pre-Pole Conditioning

Before using a pole, you should begin physical conditioning in three key areas: strength, balance, and flexibility.


Core Pole Techniques

Learning pole is like learning an instrument. Proficiency develops via progressive mastery of fundamental techniques.


Specialization or Diversification

After building a solid foundation, you might decide to compete or teach, or branch out into other aerial disciplines.

Our Two-year Curriculum

Principles Courses

These 6-18 week conditioning programs don’t use a pole. They can be taken in any order, alongside or prior to the Essentials courses.

Essentials Courses

These 6-week courses provide a systematic foundation of pole techniques. They should be taken in sequence, №1 through №8.

Capstone Course

The final course in the core curriculum. After successful completion, you will be prepared for our advanced courses.

Pole Qua Sport

The style of pole we teach is the same style we promote in our professional competitions. And although most of our students practice pole recreationally rather than competitively, the ethos is the same. We approach pole as a fundamentally athletic discipline — but one that is animated with artistry and performative expression.