Beginner 6-week video course with Cirque du Soleil pole artist Tara Meyer. Now included in a subscription to PolePress TV.

This course can also be purchased separately for $150.00 on the PPU platform.

Course Instructor

Tara’s performance in Cirque du Soleil’s “Rebel”

Tara Meyer is a Cirque du Soleil pole artist, and the only pole athlete to win both the Olympia and the Arnold Classic. She’s also a devoted educator, having owned a pole studio for the past decade.

Classically trained at Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Tara teaches pole with uncommon thoroughness and attention to detail. Many students have won major competitions due to her meticulous instructional methods.

Who is it for ?

The Essentials course is designed for two types of students:
  1. those with less than a year of pole experience, including total beginners and those who have never trained within a structured curriculum, or
  2. those who have been poling for more than a year, and now want to refine their technique and ensure there are no “gaps” in their core skills and knowledge.

Student Reviews

"100% recommended. I am a beginner pole dancer and this course is an essential for me, but also for every pole dancer who wants to get better at pole expression and, understand and execute the fundamentals perfectly. So happy with my progress!"
Diana P.
"I loved this course as a beginner. Tara does a wonderful job breaking down the moves in a way that is to easy to understand. The course did a good job building on techniques week to week."
Jennifer R.
"Clear and step by step guide with detailed explanations and visual cues, great for a beginner/refiner just as the course says. Awaiting No.2 release!"
Irina M.
"WOW. This class has been amazing for me. I’ve previously taken a floorwork course & have only dabbled when it comes to pole. This was, without a doubt, the next step i needed to really just get started and not feel super scared of the pole. I never previously made the jump, because I always felt very intimidated, but I feel like each lesson was clear and just made me feel comfortable and ready to take on the new moves. If you are a beginner & feel intimidated but still want to learn, this is the class for you!"
Sara A.
"Tara shows every move clearly and performs gracefully. It’s a pleasure to watch her do the moves besides her good teaching."
Nadine G.
"I’ve learned most of these moves already as a 2+ year beginner pole dancer, but I appreciated how her instructions were easy to follow in an online format. I also loved her combos. It is so important to develop a strong foundation before and DURING the dancing journey. I think this class is something I would come back to over and over."
Katherine M.

What will I learn ?

  • Essential pole skills with emphasis on correct form
  • 36+ pole elements and 12+ combinations
  • Techniques for core climbs, spins, and transitions
  • Proper dance and pole terminology
  • Principles of strength and flexibility training

Some examples :

  • Pirouettes and pliés
  • Martini and pull up sits
  • Single climb squats and body waves
  • Carousel and fan kicks
  • Passé, pin-up, and split dismounts
  • Forearm climbs and stands

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